PottyMD Announces Bedwetting Alarm System

Wet-Stop®, a subsidiary of PottyMD™ and the world's leading brand in bedwetting and incontinence care products, has just released its newest product the Wet Detective™ bed pad bedwetting alarm system.

After several years of development, the manufacturers of the Wet-Stop product line have introduced their latest patented bedwetting and incontinence management product the Wet Detective.

"We combined our expertise in designing both the best waterproof mattress protectors and enuresis alarms, and as a result we now present a blended product that provides the best of both worlds. This device will serve homes and care facilities with an affordable and practical management system for all ages with bedwetting and incontinence," said D. Preston Smith MD, pediatric urologist and founder of parent company PottyMD.

Wet Detective bedwetting alarm

Wet Detective Bedwetting Alarm

The Wet Detective consists of a bedside alarm and a large patented sensing cloth pad that is both washable and waterproof. The cloth sensing pad is simply placed underneath the individual to sense urine. The alarm has 4 sound settings and an LED light to indicate wetness.

​According to their announcement, "These bedwetting alarms are typically worn by young individuals and have proven to provide excellent long-term cures for those who experience bedwetting. Alternatively, bed pad alarm devices are placed underneath an individual and are now being used in the elderly and others who have incontinence."

"Typically these bed pad devices are plastic-like sheets that are placed in a pillowcase or under the sheet to detect moisture. Although they are helpful in detecting moisture, most of these are not practical in daily care and are not conducive to comfortable sleeping."

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