How to Stop Bed Wetting

According to an article on Eve Woman’s World, bed-wetting is a messy, inconvenient and expensive business. It leads to frustration and anger with a family, and guilt and shame on the part of the child.

The causes of bed-wetting vary. Some children have small bladders; for others, the neural connection between brain and sphincter is late to develop. There are children for whom potty training has been too rigid, and tinged with anxiety; there are others who have been inadequately trained.

Normally, most children are dry by night and day by the age of three, but until age five, there will be relapses, and a child may start wetting the bed again. Often, stress factors such as a new baby in the family or going to nursery school may lead to the child reverting to bed wetting.

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Sharknado Actor Teams with Good Nites for Bedwetting Solution

Although best known for his role as Steven Sanders on 90210Ian Ziering has found a new generation of fans heading up Sharknado series. The actor spoke with Celebuzz about the unlikely success of the Syfy films and a parenting issue — bed wetting — that he feels needs to be discussed more.

“It’s [bedwetting] a developmental thing and in kids from four to 12, one out of six kids is a bedwetter,” he said, adding “At the end of the day it’s a developmental thing but there’s need to more discussion on it,” he added.

The actor has recently teamed up with Good Nites, a brand that makes overnight pants for children so they can rest easy and stay dry and comfortable all night.

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Finding Solutions To Bedwetting

From the Huffington Post:

Primary nocturnal enuresis is the medical term for bedwetting.

Bedwetting is a very common problem, and parents are often wondering how best to approach it for their child.

baby sleepingWhile many parents report that their child wets the bed because he or she is a very deep sleeper, the validity of this has been debated.

There is an association between children who wet the bed and those who spend more time in deeper stages of sleep but nonetheless, bedwetting can occur at any time during the night.

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