Bedwetting Alarm


According to Wikipedia, a bedwetting alarm or enuresis alarm, commonly referred to as the bell and pad method, is a behavioral treatment for nocturnal enuresis. Bed wetting alarm treatment utilizes conditioning to effectively reduce the occurrences of nocturnal enuresis.

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Courtesy of Wikipedia

Although other types of treatment for nocturnal enuresis exist (fluid restriction, lifting, schedule wakening, reward charts,bladder training, psychotherapy, and medicine) empirical evidence supports the enuresis alarm as an inexpensive treatment with high rates of success as an initial therapy and after relapse. [Wikipedia]

Wikipedia adds that bedwetting alarms are categorized as a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and that the cost may be a reimbursable covered expense by healthcare insurance carriers when it is prescribed by a pediatric physician, urologist or other accepted medical authority. Insurance policies should specify coverage for DME or you can contact the insurer for this information about the policy.